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Information for Families and Caregivers

Dual diagnosis: an information guide   

The guide provides basic information about dual diagnosis and explains what we know about services and supports and how to best access them. It also suggests ways to take care of yourself while being a caregiver.

Crisis Prevention and Management Plan​ Form (Surrey Place Centre, 2011)

Guidance about Emergencies for Caregivers​ (Surrey Place Centre, 2011)


What to expect when you go to the ER 

This brief clip walks through what occurs at a visit to the emergency department with some tips on how to make the most of the visit. (3:11)

Using emergency services 

Some practical advice on how to plan for crises that might happen in the community, including how to work with police, what you can do if you call 911, and things to remember when going to hospital. (7:07)

Use of the emergency room by clients with developmental disability

Dr. Yona Lunsky's talks about her research on emergency departments and what we should do to plan and prepare. (6:19)

There are no quick fixes: comprehensive assessment

A walk through the systematic process of figuring out whether someone with a developmental disability has a psychiatric diagnosis. There are several steps and Dr. Lunsky provides some practical tips on how to make the process as thorough as possible. (5:23)

The role of Occupational Therapists

Dual diagnosis requires an interdisciplinary approach. This video explains how Occupational Therapy can help. (7:17)

Understanding challenging behaviour

This video explains what behaviour therapists do when trying to understand why someone with a developmental disability displays challenging behaviour, and offers some suggestions about how he would help someone reduce this type of behaviour. (6:54)

Going to the inpatient ward

This video offers some suggestions on how to make the most of an inpatient admission for someone with a developmental disability. (3:49)

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